SCSD Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida State University School of Communication Science and Disorders is to generate and disseminate knowledge related to communication processes and disorders. The program prepares undergraduate and graduate students to demonstrate broad-based knowledge of communication sciences and to apply theory and research findings to clinical practice. The graduate program prepares speech-language pathologists to provide effective diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with a wide variety of speech, language, and hearing impairments. It prepares clinical scientists to generate new knowledge pertaining to communication processes and innovative strategies for evaluating and managing communication disorders.

The L.L. Schendel Speech and Hearing Clinic has a dual mission: (a) to provide effective community services that improve the communication abilities of individuals of all ages and (b) to provide a teaching and clinical research laboratory that seeks to develop exemplary assessment and treatment procedures for use by our students and professionals in speech-language pathology and audiology. Innovative and relevant theory development, research, and services are viewed as unitary- the academic effort, research effort, and the clinical effort all strive for one goal: the enhancement of the communicative well being of the individuals served.