Scottish Rite Support


The FSU School of Communication Science & Disorders sponsors the L.L. Schendel Speech and Hearing Clinic to provide services to children in the region with communication disorders and to provide supervised clinical education for speech-language pathology students. Through the support of the Scottish Rite Foundation, services to enhance communicative interactions of children with delays or disorders of communication are available to families with identified needs.

Communication Camps

The FSU Speech and Hearing Summer Communication Camp is held annually at a community location.

During the camp we offer:

  • Individualized instruction within small group activities;
  • Fun interactive experiences with art, music, drama, cooking, and computer programs;and
  • Language and learning enrichment to promote school success.

The camp is:

  • Provided by graduate clinicians in speech-language pathology and certified speech-language pathologists;
  • Designed to enhance social communication, speech, language and literacy skills; and
  • Co-sponsored by The Florida State University and Scottish Rite Foundation.

Watch this space for information about our next Summer Communication Camp.

Language & Literacy Lab

The Florida State University Speech and Hearing Clinic believes in building the language and reading skills of children. In order to develop those skills we provide Language and Literacy services to the community.

These services include:

  • Oral and written language intervention;
  • Evidence based literacy and reading interventions;
  • Computer based tutorials; and
  • AAC supports for communication and literacy development

Hearing Services

The Florida State University Speech and Hearing Clinic provide many different hearing services for clients of all ages. Clinical services for children supported by the Scottish Rite Foundation include:

  • Comprehensive hearing assessments;
  • Auditory-Verbal therapy and aural rehabilitation sessions;
  • Hearing aid candidacy acceptance and utilization; and
  • Consultation with schools and community programs

For more information on the Hearing Services that we provide, download our Hearing Services.

Just for Kids

Our Just for Kids program is not only for the kids; it’s for their families too. JFK (Just for Kids) is a collaborative program funded by the Scottish Rite Foundation at the FSU Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Services and Supports include:

  • Comprehensive speech, language and audiologic evaluations;
  • Speech, language and hearing group and individual interventions;
  • Bilingual evaluations and therapy; and
  • Consultation with schools and community programs.

We don’t limit our resources to the kids though. We want to get the families involved. That’s why we offer parent meeting and play groups they can join. Also, we make available information and resources on communication development and specific disorders, plus there are caregiver trainings parents can attend.

Just for Kids brochure

Just for Kids and Families brochure