Contracts and Grants

The Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders has been awarded the following contracts and grants.


  • Ingvalson, E. (PI). Training-Induced Language and Literacy Improvement in Children with Cochlear Implants, Funded by Department of Education, Institute for Education Science, $3,499,939, 2016 – 2020.
  • Romano, M. (PI), Woods, J. (Co-PI). Iowa Early Access Distant Mentoring Model (DMM-IA), Funded by United States Department of Education, $916,481, 2013 – 2018.
  • Phillips, B (PI). Wood, C. (Co-PI). Supports for Rich and Explicit Language and Vocabulary Instruction in Preschool Classrooms Serving Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds (VOICES). Funded by the Spencer Foundation, $1,000,000, 2015 – 2018.
  • Compton, D. (PI), Foorman, B, Petscher, Wood (Co-PI). Impact Evaluation of Academic Language Interventions. Funded by Department of Education, Institute for Education Science, $956,099, 2015 – 2018.
  • Woods, J. (PI). Embedded Practices in Intervention for Caregivers (EPIC). Funded by USDOE, Institute of Education Sciences, $1,499,971, 2013 – 2017.
  • Woods, J. (PI). Implementation of Family Guided Routine Based Intervention and Coaching for New Mexico’s FIT FOCUS, University of New Mexico, $62,379, 2016 – 2017.
  • Wetherby, A. (PI), Woods, J. (I). Smart Early Screening for Autism and Communication Disorders in Primary Care. Funded by NIH, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, $1,926,878, 2014 – 2017.
  • Klin, A. Wetherby, A., (PI), Woods, J. (Co-I). Mechanisms and Risk and Resilience in ASD: Ontogeny, Phylogeny and Gene Disruption. Funded by National Institutes of Mental Health, $102,742, 2016 – 2017.
  • Everhart, N. (PI), Woods, J. (Co-PI). Project A+: Students with ASD in the Academic Library: Coaching to Enhance Implementation of Librarian Professional Development, Funded by Institute of Museum and Library Science, $381,650, 2016 – 2018


  • Macrae, T. (PI). Improving Language and Literacy Outcomes in High-Need Populations (L & L). Funded by U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities, $1,245,754, 2014 – 2018.
  • Wood (Jackson,) C. (PI). Facilitating Language & Literacy Outcomes for English Language Learners (BLOOM). Funded by Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education Goal 2 Development Grant, $1,282,679, 2013 – 2017.
  • Wood, C. Rodriguez, E. Hall-Mills,S., Catts, H. (PIs). Bilingual Oral Language and Literacy Development and Disorders Leadership (BOLLD). Funded by Office of Special Education Programs, U. S. Department of Education, $1,000,000, 2015 – 2018.
  • Woods, J. (PI). Supporting BA and MA SLP Graduate Training through Distance Learning. Funded by Florida State Department of Education, State Improvement Grant, $509,000, 2016 – 2017.
  • Woods, J. (PI). Training in Research, Autism, Interdisciplinary Leadership (TRAIL). Funded by U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS), Leadership Training Grant, $1,247,849, 2013 – 2017.
  • Woods, J. (PI). Autism Spectrum Specialized Education and Training (ASSET). Funded by U.S. Department of Education, OSERS, $1,247,849, 2013 – 2017.


  • Scott (PI). Support to Enhance the North Florida Center for Stuttering. Funded by Malcolm Fraser Foundation, $6,000, 2009.


  • Stierwalt, J. (PI), LaPointe, L.L. (Co-PI) and Gerry Maitland (Co-PI), The Neurolinguistic, Neurocognitive, Rehabilitation Research Center. One-year grant totaling $130,000 awarded by the Tallahassee Memorial Health-Care-Florida State University Neurolinguistic-Neurocognitive Research Center at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.